YPP Network Description

The MacArthur Research Network on Youth and Participatory Politics (YPP) formed out of recognition that youth are critical to the future of democracy and that the digital age is introducing technological changes that are impacting how youth develop into informed, engaged, and effective actors.

Storytelling and Digital Age Civics Webinar Series

This webinar series, a partnership between the YPP Network, the Media Arts and Practice Division-USC School of Cinematic Arts, the Media, Activism and Participatory Politics (MAPP) Project, The Black Youth Project, and Youth Radio, explores storytelling as a practice that bridges cultural and civic/political engagement.


Excerpts - Storytelling and Digital-Age Civics Webinar Series from MA+P @ USC on Vimeo.


Links to webinars

Finding Your Story (1/14/14)

Making Your Story (1/16/14)

Spreading Your Story (1/21/14)

Considering Your Story's Afterlife (1/28/14)


Notes from the Situation Room 

Storytelling and Digital-Age Civics: First Sessions As Seen from the MAPP Situation Room 

Storytelling and Digital-Age Civics Webinar Series: Highlights from Sessions 3 and 4 - MAPP Situation Room Edition

My story / Our story: Reflections on the Storytelling and Digital-Age Civics webinar series