YPP Network Description

The MacArthur Research Network on Youth and Participatory Politics (YPP) formed out of recognition that youth are critical to the future of democracy and that the digital age is introducing technological changes that are impacting how youth develop into informed, engaged, and effective actors.

Thomas Elliott

Thomas Elliott is a data scientist at GitHub. He was previously a postdoctoral research scholar working with Jennifer Earl on the Youth Activism Project (YAP). He graduated with his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Irvine. His dissertation explored how and why mainstream newspaper coverage of homosexuality since 1950 has changed. As a postdoctoral scholar for YAP, he participated in several studies including comparing youth-oriented activist websites to other activist sites, exploring the relationships between targets of activism and the tactics and causes featured in that activism, and bridging social movement and political communication scholarship with an emphasis on online and youth engagement. He continues to be interested in how social movements can change culture.


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