YPP Network Description

The MacArthur Research Network on Youth and Participatory Politics (YPP) formed out of recognition that youth are critical to the future of democracy and that the digital age is introducing technological changes that are impacting how youth develop into informed, engaged, and effective actors.

Media, Activism and Participatory Politics
  • Project Description

    The Media, Activism, and Participatory Politics (MAPP) Project is based at at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Over the past four years, MAPP conducted five case studies of diverse youth-driven communities which translate mechanisms of participatory culture into civic engagement and political participation. Our findings stress the interplay between individual growth, organizations, networks, communities, and platforms. As MAPP researchers learned, these groups often succeed by tapping practices of cultural appropriation, storytelling and remixing, working across organizational contexts, deploying metaphors from popular culture, and drawing on sustained engagement with interest-driven and friendship-based networks. Over time, youth involved in these communities mapped innovative and imaginative trajectories that scaffolded existing skills and interests towards a sustained ability to achieve social change. The interim findings of MAPP research have been published as a Working Paper series. MAPP also continues to further analyze and synthesize case study findings through publications, presentations, and other public facing efforts. Moving forward MAPP efforts will shift emphasis from research to intervention, forming strong partnerships with a range of practitioners in order to apply the insights from this research. Working with the School of Cinematic Arts Media Arts + Practice Division at USC, MAPP researchers have begun developing a series of multimedia resources (and testing a range of classroom practices) that will support educators -- in school and out -- who want to help foster actionable civic learning.

    Case Study Working Papers

    Shresthova, Sangita (2013) “Between Storytelling and Surveillance: American Muslim Youth Negotiate Culture, Politics and Participation.” A Case Study Report Working Paper. Available at: http://ypp.dmlcentral.net/publications/161


    Kligler Vilenchik, Neta. (2013) "Decreasing World Suck": Fan Communities, Mechanisms of Translation, and Participatory Politics” A Case Study Report Working Paper. Available at: http://dmlhub.net/publications/decreasing-world-suck-fan-communities-mec...


    Gamber Thompson, Liana (2012) "The Cost of Engagement: Politics and Participatory Practices in the U.S. Liberty Movement.” A Case Study Report Working Paper. Available at: http://dmlcentral.net/resources/5170


    Kligler-Vilenchik, Neta and Sangita Shresthova (2012). “Learning Through Practice: Participatory Culture Civics.” A Case Study Report Working Paper. Available at: http://dmlcentral.net/resources/5148


    Zimmerman, Arely, (2012) “Documenting Dreams: New Media, Undocumented Youth and the Immigrant Rights Movement.” A Case Study Report Working Paper. Available at: http://dmlcentral.net/resources/5061


    Other Publications:

    Transformative Works and Fan Activism, Special issue of the journal of Transformative Works and Cultures, edited by Henry Jenkins and Sangita Shresthova. Available at: http://journal.transformativeworks.org/index.php/twc/issue/view/12


    Jenkins, Henry (2012) “The New Political Commons.” In Policy Options. Available at: http://archive.irpp.org/po/archive/nov12/jenkins.pdf


    Kligler Vilenchik, Neta and Sangita Shresthova (2013) “Case Study 6: The Harry Potter Alliance: Connecting Fan Interests And Civic Action.” In Connected Learning An Agenda for Research and Design. DML: 49-52. Available at: http://bit.ly/CLreport


    Zimmerman, Arely 2011. “A Dream Detained: Undocumented Latino Youth and the DREAM Movement,” NACLA Report on the Americas. November/December 2011: 15-17.



    Shresthova, Sangita."From Participatory Culture to Political Participation" Panel at Futures of Entertainment Conference at MIT (Nov 9, 2012) Info about panel: http://www.convergenceculture.org/ (Panel featured speakers from MAPP case study organizations and networks and was moderated by Sangita Shresthova).

    Available at: http://techtv.mit.edu/collections/convergenceculture/videos/21729-foe6-f...


    Shresthova, Sangita. “By Any Media Necessary: Activism in a DIY Culture” Panel at Transmedia Hollywood Conference at UCLA (April 12, 2013) Info about panel: http://www.transmedia.tft.ucla.edu/conference/panel-3-through-any-media-... Panel featured speakers from MAPP case study organizations and networks and was moderated by Sangita Shresthova).

    Available at: http://www.transmedia.tft.ucla.edu/2013/04/transmedia-hollywood-4-recap-...


    Other Outreach Activities:

    Remix & Authorship (REQUEST)

    The first call for contributions video for our MAPP/Participant Media/HitRecord collaboration




    Webinar for 4H: Kligler Vilenchik, Neta and Sangita Shresthova "Click Activism: Youth Civic Engagement Through Online Participatory Cultures" - webinar on CYFERnet (Dec 3, 2012).

    Available at: http://www.cyfernet.org/onlinepd/12-12-clickactivism.html


    DML Connected Learning Webinars: Shresthova, Sangita and Arely Zimmerman. "Documenting DREAMs: New Media, Undocumented Youth, and the Immigrant Rights Movement" -webinar on Connected Learning TV (Nov 29, 2012).

    Available at: http://connectedlearning.tv/arely-zimmerman-sangita-shresthova-documenti...


    Jenkins, Henry. "The Transmedia Generation: Spreadable Media, Fan Activism, and Participatory Learning" - webinar on Connected Learning TV (Nov 13, 2012) Available at: http://connectedlearning.tv/henry-jenkins-transmedia-generation-spreadab...