YPP Network Description

The MacArthur Research Network on Youth and Participatory Politics (YPP) formed out of recognition that youth are critical to the future of democracy and that the digital age is introducing technological changes that are impacting how youth develop into informed, engaged, and effective actors.

"And then the Zimmerman verdict happens..." Black Marginalization, New Media and Contemporary Black Activism
by Nathan Jamel Riemer
June 14, 2016
Given the paradoxes faced by young Black Americans in a racially inequitable social system and the digital connectivity at their disposal, how do new media allow for different responses to perpetual racial crises, such as the murder of Trayvon Martin? This paper will explore this question while also developing themes for further inquiry into the civic and political engagement of young Black activists in the new media era. This paper will look at the BYP100, a national social movement organization of young Black activists, to explore the contemporary activism of young Black people by documenting and discussing its emergence and some of the ways the organization used new media during their initial year. BYP100’s work and development highlights the importance of new media for social movement actors in a contemporary media landscape.